2016 Marie-Charlotte MaréchalMarie-Charlotte Maréchal - BACK TO TRADITION
To revitalize the heart of Herresbach while preserving its vistas, the riding school is situated below the centre, on a former landfill carved by the activities of a materials trader. Surrounded by a forest belt, there is a space for interactions between the village and its surroundings. Taking advantage of this particular relief to integrate its impressive infrastructure, the building is transparent (porous) and discreet with its large green roof visible from the street.

A distinction is made for the areas accessible to the public and those for the private sector. Materiality and different levels mark the limits while promoting social interaction within the riding school.
The organization meets the needs of each user of the site. On one hand it is necessary to facilitate maintenance, cleaning of the place and the distribution of food by the owner. On the other hand, the user (check, docker, student or teacher) sees different functions according to the logic of his own path in the project.
The base made of concrete is supporting the light wooden structure. The outer materiality extends for its amenities of the village public spaces while ensuring that it meets the specific needs of this infrastructure.

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