2019 Matthias Welk - Sportfabrik (sportworks)
Sportfabrik (sportworks)
combining sports, nutritions and socialising

Sportworks is a house of motion. It is located in direct neighbourhood to the Aachen central station and combines a diverse mixture of sports and a centre for nutritional education in a single building. The building’s sport rooms can be booked via a flexible reservation system, enabling visitors and smaller sport clubs the usage of publicly available facilities near the city centre of Aachen. It is designed to be accessible 24/7 via a smartphone app, enabling access for different clubs or by booked sport packages.
Sportworks contains not only a gym hall, a swimming bath and a
climbing hall, but also four differently sized multi sport rooms. Those are specifically designed for smaller sport clubs or independent trainers and come with corresponding storage spaces. In addition, there is a public kitchen and restaurant located on the ground floor, which is intended to house lectures on nutritions, public cooking sessions or exhibitions on health and food.

The foyer forms the building’s core which contains the main stairs and access to all usages.
By using an overlapping design for the stairs, the athletes are guided through the building – separating the routes after going through the change rooms. The swimming bath is located at the top, overlooking the other buildings and thus ensures privacy for the athletes.

The facade ensures sun protection while still allowing a high grade of transparency. The facade fins are orientated in three different positions to increase the readability of the different sport sites from the outside and inside while still allowing to see the steel support structure which carries the different building blocks.

All of the building parts are designed to forge a path, unique for each usage but not standing on its own, which altogether form the Sportfabrik [sportworks].

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