2017 Natalie LangohrNatalie Langohr - PUBLICation - A Center Of Knowledge
PUBLICation – A Center Of Knowledge

Aachen - The Property of the former Landeszentralbank, near by the main railwaystation Aachen, should be developed as a new puplic utilization. The Normaluhr is a traffic junction on the inner circle of the road-system. Because of the good infrastructural situation, the property is also useful and good reachable for the tri-border-region.

Aachen is known as a habitat for science. The current library is located in the centre. The building and the equipment are obsolete. Therefore a new central library can be seen as a chance to give this place a public use and a greater presence within the urban context.

The new building for the library and vhs is based on a cube. This cube is divided into 3 parts – the monumental base, the light-flooded middle part and the translucent top.

The library areas are distributed on the lower floors and the vhs on the upper floors. The base contains an auditorium, exhibition areas, a café and open and also private learning, reading and play areas. The vhs contains separate classes, rooms for teachers and a roof-top restaurant.

The library stands out with a terracing in the facade, that makes the translucent part seem to be suspended. The base is constructed out of facing concrete, with different tags on it. The middle facade is made of sun-protective glass and has no post-and-beam-construction, but is assembled with vertical, structural glass-bars.

To connect every floor, without disturbing the visual separation, an inner core is inserted in the middle of the cube. Every floor can be reached by the inner core, but should be commited by the open stairs from floor to floor, to experience the building from the inside. The inner sense of space is supported by using filigree bridges from one side to the other.

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