2016 Nathan HeindrichsNathan Heindrichs & Chloé Janssen - Postures
Shape various projects, one after the other or simultaneously, get lost in a creative routine, is it there the goal of Architecture ? Should we constitute a library of reflexes, of answers to particular problems that some projects share, or should we question Architecture in its globality all along every creation process ? The question may seem pretentious when asked by students, that by definition have never completed any construction process, but it seems important to us to radicaly change our approach of every project. The question of the architectural posture is central in this work, because it seemed important as well in the original building’s creation process.

The project is an extension of Charles Vandehove’s Magasin à Livres (1967), lost in the Sart-Tilman woods. This building shows exceptionnal purity in its design : the simplicity of the plan and the facades confer a classical aura to the building, despite the modern movement it belongs to. Two rows of four squares constitute the plan, and each center of those squares is the start of a superb concrete mushroom column. In the lower levels, the number of columns is multiplied, components of a larger book stock. The suppression of half the columns of the lower levels when passing to the ground floor is made possible by a structural prowess that ends up ranking the building to the title of modernist icon.

However, this logic of structural modernism has no end, we can extend the process and try to add a new layer to the composition, this is the goal pursued by the project. The extension covers the enterity of the Magasin and splits a second time the number of columns in order to carry on the logic established by Charles Vandenhove.

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