2018 Nicola GaliottoNicola Galiotto - Verviers Jazz
The site plays an improvised urban concert.

The plan gives the measure on the tempo of the appendices, and the curves are the notes that make up the passage. At the heart of the crossing, an old artist makes his comeback and invites, again, to discover it. Beyond the rupture of the gables, the light accompanies each piece of this festival, whose only purpose is to create a harmony in the melody of the city.

A saxophone tune, the crackle of a vinyl, a voice, a silence.

The sound and its multiple forms punctuate the ballad. A break during the ascent of the ramp, a swing at the crossing of the bridge, the architecture composes. Like the nostalgia for a blue note, it reminds the city of the moments when Jazz music animated both its streets and its clubs, and above all, Verviers remembers part of its history, which only asks to go back on scene.

Photography credit : Maud Faivre.

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