2015 Nicole CloudtNicole Cloudt - De Dingenman
In the 1950’s the modern ideology for developing and expanding cities was based on the idea of the socially engineered society. In 1954 Frans C.J. Dingemans used a typical ‘Limburg’ ordering principle, the ‘parochial unit’ for the urban design of Maastricht-West.

Build in 1960 Pottenberg developed from a mono-cultural, Catholic domain into a contemporary, multicultural society with multiple domains. Nowadays Pottenberg is a neighbourhood with many associations, initiatives and entrepreneurs, however there is no place for them as buildings are occupied and there is no programmatic flexibility.

After analysing the past and current social structures, a new incubator is implemented in Pottenberg, the ‘Dingenman’, where it’s many entrepreneurs, neighbourhood initiatives and associations can flourish and develop.

Designed as a concrete shell the users will finish the building themselves within given boundaries. The square will be activated by the users of the ‘Dingenman’ and will become the center of the neighbourhood once again.

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