2010 Nicole RichterJulika Metz & Nicole Richter - EBS Langelsheim
I see something that you don’t see,
It is what it shows,
does not show what it is
menacingly raised
tremendously tempting
expressly vague
ordinarily different
it always remains whatever it may be
though not always how it is…

Looking at the relationship between man and technology in general, as well as in this concrete case, a strange contradiction catches the viewer’s eye. On the one hand already the building project itself gives rise to strong counter-reactions of residents and citizens' initiatives. On the other hand there is popularity of such constructions as excursion destination and image motif.

This ambivalence, proximity of beauty and fright, we see as great strength of such a construction and therefore use it as concept basis. The observer, in the interplay between fascination, fear and ignorance, come to the fore.

On basis of technical elements and spatial requirements of the ‘EBS’(refuse derived fuel)-construction, sheer size and complexity, relation of demonstration and concealment and the playing with control and controllability, serve as parameters determining the expression of the building ensemble.

Visual impressions from other areas, their use in combination and “out of place”, generate the irreconcilable coexistence of familiarity, confusion, threat and temptation.
They unleash associations and play with indications, overlaps and small quotations, which have, afflicted with meaning and remembrance, direct access to emotional perception.

The form of the building is aimed corresponding to the observer’s position and provides four completely different views on the building. The compact grouping of the construction only allows focused insights.

The access of the visitor takes place from the subjacent parking area opposite of the building. The construction almost disappears behind the street which constitutes a kind of higher situated barrier. Through an underpass one can reach a lowered forecourt abruptly confronting observers with the mammoth building.

In the courtyard one comes upon the “forest of columns” of the fuel fired boilers. On the “glade” the, compared to the size of surrounding devices, small and in an inferior position, constructions´s control center is situated.

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