2012 Pentti Marttunen Pentti Marttunen - Confirmation Camp Sulkavankoski
Finland's landscape is characterized by its many lakes, which are surrounded by very pronounced birch and pine forests. On the banks you can see many weekend houses in typical wood construction and rust-red paint flashing through.
There is a phenomenon in the Lutheran Church, that is represented in Finland by a large majority. As an alternative to the regular classes it is a tradition for young people here to visit a confirmation camp outside the city with their peers. There they live under conditions similar to a hostel to work together, to pray together and to improve their perception and practice of the Christian faith.
The design of a confirmation camp is focused on the environment for traditional events and on a strong connection to nature. Instead of dividing the camp into singular units, the rooms are incorporated into an integrated ensemble, that seeks its way through the woods to the lake.
While arriving at the camp, the confirmands notice a narrow on the site and the building shines through the forest, which helps the them to find the entry. Coming closer, the image sharpens and the confirmands realize, that the lake is the goal of the elongated body. The entire course of the confirmation camp is based on a chosen level of one contour. The only break is the chapel, which turns eastward for the purpose of its traditional orientation.
The architecture is designed to support both shared experience of young people and the sacred moment. It provides a new architectural interpretation of the classic Finnish confirmation camp.

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