2013 Pim JacobsPim Jacobs - home garden greenhouse garden home
It was raining in Sint-Truiden. He quickly put his shoppings in the alcove, drove along the overgrown concrete wall, parked his car in the underground car park and ascending to the ground floor he ended up in a totally different climate, secure and warmer than 'outside'.
He turned his head and saw a hand potting new plants in the greenhouse; on his right he saw Joseph sowing new seeds, carrots probably, as he has some difficulty with his eyesight.
He continued following the steel cables greeting a cyclist as he passed by.
He opened a first door seeing his son Matisse playing with Marcel the cat. Josephine, his next door neighbour, was watching them. He grabbed an orange from his orange tree entering his home by the little staircase.
Through the glass wall containing air purifying plants, he saw Matisse storming in followed by Marcel hobbling behind. A bit further on the croppers stopped working. Suddenly he felt a sunbeam caressing his arm. He looked up at the sky and saw the clouds disappear. He changed plans : dining on the roof overviewing the park. They had dinner under the immense baby blue welkin. Being contented he fell asleep with Marcel on his lap.

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