2019 Quentin De Pryck - Coeur d'îlot Sérésien
Approach, approach !

Get over the curtain of stones, come and discover this place that like slots sheltered by the agitation of the town, has its own organisation fitted to all hours of day and night.This place, resembling a bee-hive in permanent activity where time has no hold.
Inside the small island, in this microcosm, where nature is present, children take advantage to leave free rein to their games and cries. A few artists come together there to repeat their roles. Music can be heard under the glass roof and structures itself stave after stave.
Wherever you go, it's difficult not to be seen, old Jo, behind the bar, as usual, greets us in a friendy way.
The spectacle is complete and the projectors light up to give life to this particular place made of exchanges, passages and art.
Only the doors, sometimes closed sometimes open, let us guess the scene of all possibilities.

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