2012 Rémy BarbierRémy Barbier & Jonathan Freches - A Tower on the past
A Tower on the past

The project is keeping with the general pattern of the Médiacité and RTBF’s building in
Liège. Il closes in the plot which becomes entirely public and therefore forms an esplanade
which extends Bovery’s Park.
It grows all around the iconic forge (XVIII th century), the very core of Liege’s metal
industry, and is the reception place to both parts of the project.
The Musée de la Métallurgie et de l’Industrie liégeoise is keeping with the general pattern
of an eight-stories tower. Every one of them is based on a particular theme and
vertical motions are designed to allow one to catch an overall glimpse of the collection
during the tour, as well as to get an easier view of the different items.
Planète Métiers is located in the horizontal part of this project. It grows all around a
patio, which encourages interactions between complementary functions.

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