2015 Rien CleurenRien Cleuren - De Viertoren
This project is located at the Belgian coastline near Oostende and defines a result of a form generating design process.

The Belgian coast doesn’t only ask questions about the perfect recreational solution for the mostly bad weather conditions, but also begs for rejuvenation because of the lack of attractiveness for the next generation.

Another big part of the problem is the fact that the dike line is far too harsh. Inland there is no view to the sea and there is nothing that points it out either. So my thoughts were to give the people inland, or people who approach the sea, some kind of landmark to indicate it. That’s why, in this concept, the metaphor of the ‘lighthouse’ has been used which authentically gives directions to the sea. By inverting this, the lighthouse will be giving directions to inland and will therefor be pointing out the problem as well as bringing the sea to the land.

‘De Viertoren’ exists of both residential (hotel) and recreational destinations.
The recreational part of this project defines a diurnal tides program. A water park during the day (flood), and a night club nightlife program during the night (ebb). And, therefor, can easily be combined to both. The park contains three main public swimming pools from which two have got adjustable floor platforms. By bringing these platforms to floor level, the room can be transformed into a party hall.

Following the panorama movement of the lighthouse and the occurrence of the tides, the wind directions determine the orientation and destination of these three swimming pools. Respectively in the east (sunrise – waking up), south (daytime – playfulness) and west (sunset – tranquility) to ensure the right view and experience every time of the day.

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