2018 Jana RingJana Ring - Arrivare a Venezia
Arrivare a Venezia?

An inquiry about Venice‘s innate characteristics.
A proposal on a possible approach towards the city.

The Italian expression “arrivare a“ encompasses both a spacial and a mental notion as it means reaching a place but likewise an awareness of a certain context and therefore indicates the project‘s essential concern: A broad research - consulting the city‘s building history and it‘s iconography, the peculiarity of the lagoon landscape and it‘s morphology, the municipal politics, the development of the urban infrastructure as well as the factual impact of tourism - tries to establish a deeper understanding of a both factual and sensual approach towards the city. Against the background of a thereby established collection of references and thoughts, general reflections on the contemporary culture of travelling may find expression through architectonic form and space.
Within the proposal on a “re-decentralisation“ of the cities infrastructure three new points of arrival are finally inscribed in the extended map of Venice: Mediators between the traveller and his destination; small ports that would organise the distribution of the incoming passengers; outposts of the city, located in the most important directions of arrival; new islands that would develop their form in a mutual dialogue with the sunken landscape; places also of rest and accommodation which aim to promote a deliberate management of living-space capacities and may thereby contribute to the idea of an inhabitable city; prisms that would not least try to refract and to reflect the peculiarity both of the visitors and the visited city. Smaller heterotopies in a heterotopian city.

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