2012 Rob JanssenRob Janssen - Fascinatorium
a building of wonder at the Chemelot site where young people are inspired by chemistry, technology, and science.  Through exhibits about the past and products of the present, the DNA of this spot becomes visible.
At times of the state mine Maurits the social bond between DSM and our region was strong. A connection that shrunk with the development of the chemical industrial complex. Where nowadays the former DSM is transformed into 'Chemelot', and with the 'Material Campus' they develop themselves into one of the largest knowledge based industries of the world, the social bond with the region should have to grow again. Taking away barriers and providing a public function where all the developments can be communicated,  could strengthen the social bonding.
Amidst the industry, on the bike route that cuts through the industry from East to West, the 'Fascinatorium' is situated. A public building where in underground spaces Chemelot employees and visitors meet. A building designed by memory. From the collective memory of the Colemines, the white laboratory coats of chemistry to a personal memory of a route, that I together with my father, in the midst of this industrial landscape made by bike. 
Descending to the foot of the Tower, a cool dark narrow high space with spots where kids can walk and adults should stoop arises.  A spatial translation of the pillar, the place where miners worked long hours. With an panorama elevator from this dark heavy concrete mass you ascent up in a fragile with daylight-filled white space where boxes are hanged. Through an environment and exhibit route you will reach the hanging boxes and you will be connected with the environment and the Chemelot.
A tower designed from inside out, rising amidst the industrial landscape.

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