2012 Robbert ErricoRobbert Errico - M.E.S.O.
Project: M.E.S.O.
Maastricht Enci Serre Overslag

Nature recaptures his territory in a yet unseen integrated manner.
It’s a hard and bumpy road that leads us to the end of the world. Only you, me, the road and the last piece of nature is what I see. An impenetrable concrete wall uses an unguarded moment to make his entry. This grand veil covers the man made moon landscape behind it. The huge crater and concrete obstacles in between are scale alienating. Even more accentuated by the absence of fauna and flora, we cry out for a solution. The crater as scar of nature will be restored as green area. Green axes slice open the big concrete buffer which make the area impenetrable. They will create a link between the road and the future green area. Transparent buildings following these green axes are the guidelines of the eye and will make sure that our attention will be pulled towards the area. Green visible industry wipes clean all the gray and dusty surroundings. Lovely grown fruits color the monotone environment and insure a pleasant fresh working atmosphere. Nature recaptures it’s territory in a yet unseen integrated manner. Technics, esthetics, material efficiency, durability and sustainability that are all inspired by nature, literally and figuratively, uplift architecture and program to a whole new level.
It’s a hard and bumpy road that leads us to a new world.

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