2010 Roeland Boyen Roeland Boyen - MLA
The MLA has responded to an initiative of the Province of Limburg (Belgium) to bring art into public areas. In the Maasland, the region where the project is located, this art is linked to an existing cycling route along the Meuse. The MLA is located in the small village Kotem which is situated centrally along this cycling route.
The building adapts to both the residents of Kotem as well as to the cyclist along the Meuse. This is also why it is located at the intersection of the Meuse and the village. For the residents of Kotem, a transition zone is created between their village and the Meuse with its expansive views. Currently the connection is being hindered by a rigorous dike which isolates the village from its natural surroundings. A social programme is coupled to the transition zone.
The main objective of the MLA is to provide information about the artists and their art which is exhibited along the cycling route. The building contains an exhibition space where other works of art and models are presented to the public. The building also possesses a watchtower that offers visitors a physical and mental peak.

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