2012 Romain ArnoldyRomain Arnoldy - An arena at the heart of the earth
The space of reflection is situated in the district of Sclessin between Liège and Seraing on the left bank of the Meuse. It is lined in the North by the hill of Cointe and in the South by the hill of Sart-Tilman. It is marked by the steel-making development of the pond from Liège which transfigured what was originally a wine hamlet. The district growed into a anarchy way without no rules.

The program of the project is the implantation of a new stadium for the club of key football of the city of Liège in connection with a Master plan realized upstream. It sets up an urban boulevard integrating the streetcar which takes the placeof the current railroad, he will allow to serve well the new infrastructure and to resolve the problems of mobility. It is also connected to the highway arriving from the Condroz.

The current stadium is an ageing and badly implanted infrastructure. The construction of a new stadium would allow a better management of flows and will allow to create an impulse for a requalification of the district. The ground of implantation is situated next to the current and presents a strong morphological characteristic, it is a slag heap dating the steel-making era.

This ground is an opportunity to create a real tension between two uses which make the history of this district thought regarding environmental regeneration and regarding cultural and economic development. The project is situated between industrial landscape and popular architecture.

This new stadium is a progressive metamorphosis making the link with the urban stitch. It works as a double surrounding wall making the transition of the quite public verse it specialize, integrating commercial spaces and restaurants creating interactions with public places connected to the stadium.

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