2010 Rosario PalumboRosario Palumbo - Construction d’un centre de la Performace
Construction of a performance centre in the old Josaphat station's site at Schaerbeek.
This program, quite complex, is based on a fallow site we were asked to reinvest. In our case, the point was, in the first time: “how to reach durable housings and neighbourhood in a site disadvantaged by railway network?” Our reflexion leads us to think that this durable nature needs a real appropriation from Brussels. Our objective was the transformation of this fallow site into an attractive place, despite residents’ prejudices about living near a railway (about enjoying living there).
In that purpose, Josaphat’s urbanization put the emphasis on: quality of exchange’s places, different scales of trade, alternative mobility, and a global energy’s saving philosophy.

Inside this rearranged neighbourhood, the performance’s centre takes place. It does the connexion between “the top and the bottom” (site’s uneven) and between inside and outside. While being a privileged exchange area serving the housing, this centre pursues a performance goal with simplicity, polyvalence and legibility.

Indeed, how to imagine an answer to pioneering scenographers’ requests nothing else for it but with polyvalence, since nobody knows how the scene will be tomorrow? We particularly take care of any spaces, so that the centre might let to artists a total liberty, whether they are from yesterday, today or tomorrow.

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