2012 Rostislav KomitovRostislav Komitov - The House of Myself
The role of an architect consists not of planning a building but in creating an organism in tectonic
form. This independently living structure results from the dismantlement, reflection and the tested recomposition
of the whole of the creator. The procedure of this psychological self-forcing requires the
disposition on the mental level of the thinker. Along the development of a tectonic composition only
the question of Why is relevant, because therein is also How and Which contained.
It begins the search for the foundation of the own perception. The components of this mental and
constructural starting point lend shape to the notion of an architectural vision.

A self-portrait does not only impress by the formally masterful representation of the own person. A
successful self-portrait finds its justification in the exposure of those existential features, which lie
hidden beneath the pretence of the outward mask. A self-portrait follows a systematic and regular
construct. Fixed compositional characteristics appear thereby almost mathematically precise. Each line
seems to be strictly fixed and irrefutably positioned. But only the concrete break of that pictorial or
graphic systematics, opens a glimpse to the viewer into the internal of the represented. This break
reveals the search for the truth and is the requirement for the succeeded completion of the work as
creation of beauty, whose awareness is our only purpose. This act of breaking the rule and the beauty
resulting from it, I call poetry.

A house - the tectonic projection of myself. As an archetype the house is a building, which is subjected
to a bare use. The intention of this work is however the transposition of the substantial components of
a human personality into architectural vocabulary, so that ultimately the creation of a tectonic
organism is developed.
An architecture parlante.

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