2013 Sarah DassySarah Dassy - Contemporary Art Center
Sclessin is located in the heart of the valley of the Meuse, on the outskirts of the city of Liege. The former heavy industries have declined leaving abandoned and degraded wastelands. Still this agglomeration with its rich industrial heritage shelters real potential but requires a new impetus. Cultural facilities such as Contemporary Art Center are part of this project for the future.
The implantation is thought to release the space around the bridge and take possession of it. The viselike configuration of the building and the design of the base generate interstitial relations with the bridge, the old workshops, the natural existing and projected elements (the river and the new wood). All this creates a new imagination of the urban outskirts.
The emergence of the two towers leads to a spatial and dimensional dialogue with the bridge. These high volumes are based on the architectural pattern already present on these old industrial sites. By its new interaction with the center, the bridge seems metamorphosed.
The extensive implementation redefines building perimeters but also internal spaces. It is this particular configuration that creates quality spaces where developing an architectural promenade adapted to the interpretation of the program. Indeed the Art Center endeavors to raise debate, encourages experimentations and discoveries. Thus the spaces are large, flexible and connected together by wide glass walls. These enables the building to maintain a strong relationship with its environment, as well as an internal space allowing all kind of artistic possibilities. The materials used, concrete and glass, and the volume's openings enhance the different spatial sequences.
The qualities of a recently abandoned site re-emerge from all these elements. They help foster the economic and cultural revivals of the city and create a new point of reference and attraction to Sclessin, both for the local and international audiences.

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