2010 Shandoff Bandoh-DanquahShandoff Bandoh-Danquah - Liège: une bibliothèque publique sur le Tivoli
Situation : Liege historic centre (Tivoli)
Programme : public library (combined to the archéoforum)
Concept : In the 70’s Liege undertakes several important roadworks that will change his landscape and neighbourhoods. The current site Tivoli therefore loses its construction and this urban void now separates place St Lambert and place du Marché, two significant areas. In absence of stable programming the site is occupied by temporal events, feasts, demonstrations…

The project is read as a mass emerging from the ground revealing its content through the horizontal openings. The underground-archeoforum is now visible and takes part to the urban animation.
A ribbed concrete tower face place St Lambert. This tower occupies the location of the old cathedral, revealing the remains of the eastern choir. The building’s outline resonates in the city’s skyline from the hill down the valley.
Once in the building, one may found several circulations that flow through the various sections with specific viewpoints likewise mountain trekking. Thus, Liege-la cité ardente (the fiery town) is admired from different plats of the library. On the last level, at the end of the trek a spacious reading room allows us to enjoy the town on a panoramic view. The library is fraught with columns which echo the former cathedral structure and continue the sequence of the trees on place du marché.
The building has three entrances, the first from place St Lambert, the second on the way from the station (gare du Palais) and finally from place du marché we discover large steps which take us to the level of the check-in. These large steps located between the palace of the princes-bishops and the tower prolongs the atmosphere of place du marché so particular and dear to the people of Liege.

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