2017 Silvana HecklingerSilvana Hecklinger - CREATIVE FACTORY
The former production facility “Garbe-Lahmeyer-Halle” is located in the middle of an industrial site in the north of the city Aachen. The whole area „Aachen Nord“ has the potential of becoming a new urban development area, which combines production, accommodations and lifestyle activities.
Creating a central hub for this district and making it an area full of life and opportunities is one of the main goals of this project. The previous industrial hall of a German steel production company has the ideal location to become the main gate for Aachen Nord.

Due to big industrial sites, the current situation doesn’t allow any pedestrians to cross the district. One goal of this projects concept is to develop a new cross-connection between two streets that pass through the whole area.
When using this cross-connection, one passes a central market place, the nave of the assembly hall, some smaller industrial buildings and a green belt.
The market place, which functions as a magnet to attract people will become the entrance of the district. It combines an attractive stop to spend some free time, space for a Sunday market and also for bigger public events.
The former industrial nave generates a special innovative atmosphere and is supposed to be a modern work- and leisure world. The front part is surrounded by university facilities, such as a library and seminar rooms and in the back part by student apartments.
These accommodations result by separating the side ships into townhouse, where about five students can live and whose floor plans can react to the development of the current market.
In the daily life the nave itself can be used for urban gardening, study halls, sport activities and communication between the inhabitants. For special events the whole equipment can be stored by using the former rail system or cranes that a flexible space emerges.

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