2018 Kay SommerLukas Pauw & Kay Sommer - Braugold - past as present
"Braugold - past as present" deals with the question of how to handle inner-city, post-industrial fallow lands. Encouraged by the theme of this year's IBA Thuringia, we are developing solutions for revising the deserted area of the "Braugold" brewery in the heart of Erfurt.
The design for the masonry ensemble, which roots from three eras between 1888 and 1967, provides for a multifunctional theater landscape with community offices, workshops and a new stage. Based on Colin Rowe's theses in his book "Collage City", the present building block is interpreted and rethought in its historical context. The former production site now offers residents, tourists and the city of Erfurt opportunities and space to experiment with existing and new
buildings. The revision aims to maintain the distinctive character of the place and to underline its qualities. The targeted reuse, such as for hotels and gastronomy as well as the radical renewal, such as the new theater space and a new crossing axis, creates an ensemble that on the one hand brings back the charm of the old and consciously emphasizes iconographic elements but at the same time takes a firm stand by creating new buildings.
The variety of usage goes hand in hand with the heterogeneous environment. Due to the inner city proximity directly at the city park, direct connection to public transportation and the peculiarity of the positioning in the midst of a block of flats, a wide-ranging public is concentrated here.
Spatial sequences and visual references are key for revising and experiencing the building. The visitor is guided through the main entrance to the theater space on the plateau above and can perceive the building as well as the exterior space through visual axes in horizontal and vertical direction.

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