2016 Sophie DebelleSophie Debelle - c+
The project is based in the district of Saint Léonard in Liège.
Seen long ago as a deprived neighborhood who suffered from the decline of the industries, many initiatives allow us now to see it as revitalized and upgraded. This old recycling industry is being shaded over the year by a growing culture.
Taking advantage of the amazing visibility, this modernist building is creating employment, and gather people from all backgrounds.
First of al, it’s all about preserving the rigorous nature of the building by letting the the facade breath. A new construction reflecting the human scale so it can temporize the monumentality of the edifice and create a new continuity.
All those initiatives interact among themselves without taking precedence over the existing architecture. Answering all the specific standards of the site and program, all those actions bring deferents atmosphere through the construction.

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