2012 Stéphanie CollingsStéphanie Collings & Caroline Thonnart - MMIL
Implantation :
The projet is linked with the Guillemin Madiacité in liege. The main idea was to enlarge the green zone of the Boverie’s Parc. Creating a green space in relation to the project and the city, the non-constructed area made us to choose for a dense building, gives us to possibility for more green space and to have more coherence with the nearby buildings situated behind the site. So we took the decision to take in consideration the neighbor buildings.
The volumetry :
The volume contains a base which supports INNOVA and Planete métier. It also will contain the old forge, which you will be able to visualize in between each program. The entry is available in the interior of the isle which next to public space. It will give you access directly to the first floor where all different programs (depending on route) will be distributed to you. The base will be completed with a tower and an overhang which will be representing the urban symbol of the 2 last industrial revolutions.
The museum :
We identified 3 key moments in the revolutions and made them stand out and identifiable in the architecture:
The underground part where starts the visit. It’s a concrete tube that descends to a deeper level underneath the forge and gives you access to tubular rooms which gives a hint of the mines. There is not much light which gives an underground ambiance to the the visitor. As we go back up to the surface, you will arrive in the interior of the ancient forge. Stairs will help you to bring you to the superior level where the first revolution exposition ends. From there a tube will get you to the first level of the tower.

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