2012 Thomas MerckxThomas Merckx - Downstream

The project is situated in the middle of the ‘Groene Delle’ on the shore of the lake. This green industrial area is designed in a way that the impact is minimal and that the nature will keep her unique character.

The building rises high above the trees and acts as a beacon in the middle of its wild surroundings. A light-train swerves through the forest and ensures the transport of goods and persons to and from the various companies in the area. This assures a nature friendly environment free of trucks and heavy traffic.

Within the eco-friendly concept it became a cradle-to-cradle park with companies not only responsible for the fabrication but also for the lifespan of their products. One of the companies that came to my notice was Desso, a carpet-factory that became the source and baseline for my design.

From the beginning it was clear that the standard typology of using wide space, was no longer an option. The building is designed in a vertical manner where the base materials are brought to the highest level after which they descend with the aid of gravity down through the production-process. Each floor is adapted to the requirement of its related process and therefore obtained his unique shape.
The main circulation is situated in the central atrium that provides light, see-trough’s and a quit location within this busy activity.

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