2012 Tim PanzerTim Panzer - Über Grenzen und Schwellen

Marriage is a cultural ritual.
But in addition to cultural motives, marriage has, sometimes, social motivations as well. Especially in Germany, being married provides special protection from the State. As an Ideal model of „living together“ between a man and a woman, marriage guaranties privileges not provided by others community life arrangements.
Especially for couples of which one of both partner hasn’t a resident permit in EU, marriage is often the only way for both to have the German citizenship and live together in Germany. The way through German bureaucracy stays often exhausting and sometimes insurmountable. What’s more, the factor of time plays a determinant role and therefor couples must sometimes find other ways.
The EU is a complex political system within close ties and agreements between member states on the one hand and sovereign states with their own laws on the other.
It is not unusual to find, in the tight braid of Institutions, niches and gaps, which can get used. Thus, a marriage under Danish laws is much easier and requires considerably less assumptions than in Germany. Nevertheless, the German registry offices without intricacies usually recognize marriage agreements concluded in Denmark. In this alcove, a market has been developed, which is far more then marginal. Alone, the border town of Tonder registrated in 2010 more than 3000 non-European marriages in the local registry office. This kind of alcove in the European legal system has a direct impact on a place, with its economy and with the people living in, when the traditional structures are not adapted. Now the goal is to find a spatial way to deal with this political phenomenon.

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