2017 Christa WiggerChrista Wigger - La Batte – Market hall, Liège
Liège is known for the Sunday market “La Batte” which takes place at the riverbank of the Meuse. The Place Saint-Léonard, which is located in direct proximity, should be an addition to the traditional market, establish further markets and mark a new entrance.

The Place Saint-Léonard is characterized by great spaciousness and openness. The landscape of the river Meuse and the landscape of the hill are two important poles, which determine the place. By leaving the space open the two landscapes are connected. The place itself is located as a wide field in between, which contrasts with the surrounding urban context.

According to the typological example of the Greek Agora, the wide field is redesigned and divided into three areas. Each area is dominated by one archetypal building that underlines the character of the place.

In the front area of the square, which is oriented towards the water, a high building stands on the corner of the area. It directly adjoins the Sunday market and leads to the Place Saint-Léonard. In the high building, several large rooms are arranged one above the other. The four main rooms contain permanent uses such as shops, a café, an exhibition and a platform.

In the middle of the square, a long building is located on a longitudinal side. The column hall, which is opened on one side in full length to the square, can be used for temporary, regular markets, for example weekly markets.

In the back of the square at the foot of the hill, there is a big building. It stands in the middle of the surface and connects the two sides with large openings. The big building consists of a large room, which can be used for markets, events, festivals and exhibitions.

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