2015 Wouter LenaertsWouter Lenaerts - Formed by Nature
“Formed by Nature”

A rigid structure with eroded spaces due to the carving forces of water and wind houses a hotel as well as climbing and swimming facilities.
Situated along the Belgian coastline, where dunes and high-rises meet, this structure “formed by nature” intends to challenge the flagrant urban intervention in the 1960’s and 1970’s that caused large regions of dunes to disappear.
The climbing and swimming areas are located inside the eroded spaces. One can see these pools as being “leftovers” from water that has carved its way throughout the mass. The route that the water once carved is the same one that the climbers will follow.
Within the mass, bars and poolside areas are built to open up towards these recreational spaces whereas hotel rooms, kitchens and other related areas are more enclosed.
The perforated concrete walls create additional light in these areas as well as provide climbers with a suitable surface to scale.

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