2010 Wytske van der VeenWytske van der Veen - Hotel De Boot Gemist: een choreografie van het verlangen
What if you have missed the last boat? If you get stuck?What if an obliged pause seems to last endless? If you … desire?

In the space between conscious and subconscious, between reality and desire (projection), between arrival and departure, or in one word, in the inbetween, that's where Hotel De Boot Gemist is situated. A shelter for the stranded traveller, during his travel to the other side (the future...?).

This hotel is a space to experience, a dream space, a space in which the memory is anchored or can beplaced.The hotel appeared on the old attics of the railway station of Maastricht, the place between arrival anddeparture. Here it could be entered by means of an installation, the material apparition which made itpossible to experience the immaterial themes around memory. Themes, originated from my own desires,memories, nostalgia, ultimate luck.This hotel is the choreography of that longing, a revelation of my inner landscape full of memory andlonging, strongly related to the Frisian Wadden-landscape in which I grew up. But although my ownlandscape, it is open to each stranded traveller and therefore an invitation to introspection.

The hotel is as fragmentary as the memory. It exists from random snapshots in time, which are in ongoingtransformation (just like the memory, which transforms also during a lifetime).The different fragments contract a dialogue with each other and together they are the hotel itself.It is both the landscape and the stranded traveller who assemble the hotel in all its fragments.Only the sea forms the physical barrier between 'here and there'. But desire and nostalgia themselves exist on both sides of the water.

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