2019 Youri Dor - Observatory
The purpose of this project is to give access to a larger and more global view of the surroundings and to create a landmark for the people who live and flow around it. This is done by using height to create a visual link with this particular territory.

The project consists of one repeated module stacked multilpe times, and rotated 90 degrees every level.

The aim of this prefabricated module is to give a high building efficiency to the whole construction. The stacking of these modules creates the peripheral circulation as well as the building's facades.

The transparency of the sidings gives the ascent a diaphanous environment.
The support walls anchor the verticality of the building in the landscape, whilst still giving a subtle direction towards the castle.

The project is made out of five parts : The ground floor with a nursery. The first floor which is used as a sheltered/covered space. The next three floors will be rented to make the project profitable, a facility floor is located giving independence to the other two floors without predefined functions (green classes, backpackers, exhibitions, shelter…).
Finally, the last floor is very open giving a clear view on the surrounding landscape, with a direct sight on the castle, the church and the Bati-Pire. It's designed to be versatile in order to anticipate possible changes and futur repurposing.

The observatory appears as a central converging and meeting point for the inhabitants.

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