2013 Tatjana de Grood-TrajkovskaTatjana de Grood-Trajkovska - DEFRAGMENTATION OF THE GENIUS LOCI
How a person identifies with his body, he identifies also with his house.
Any change of his house is a change of his identity. Projected on the city as a common home, each spatial change has influence on the identity of the inhabitants.
Within his profession the architect gives shape both to the individual and to the common home, en contributes in the layering of the genius loci.

Nevertheless the big spatial changes in de cities are based on the current politics.
At the moment of ‘ab-use’ of architecture in the means of affection of city identity, the context creates twisted reality. Such urban ‘metamorphosis’ happens in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. A city with Modernist past is being covered with new historic look.
This asks re-structure in profession and society.

The urban orchard Archi-Park symbolise a social ‘wake-up call’.
His fragments are based on the genius loci. The choreography is based on typology and rhythm. The grid creates density and transparency, with the perspective as a basic of the spatial experience.

ArchiDOM embraces a piece of outdoor space to create an enclosure in the transparent environment. Programmatically is his role protection from the enforced influences and stimulating of a renewing discourse. Through the relationship between inside and outside the visitor is guide to discover the urban traces of the city identity.

As an urban contemplation- and dynamic place where the inner of the architecture and the essential of the public space are used in the service of the visitor, ArchiDOM offers a social-cultural stage.

Romantic oriented towards the city centre whose identity appears to disappear, in de footsteps of the visionary past as an ‘Open City’ of the Japanese Metabolist architect Kenzo Tange, ArchiDOM together with the Archi Park create a new fragment in the genius loci of Skopje.

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